1 Hokkaido Steak House
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125 E Merritt Island Cswy Ste 115
Merritt Island, FL 32952
Tel:(321) 452-8288

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Business Hours
11:00 am~10:00 pm   
11:00 am~10:00 pm   
11:00 am~10:00 pm   
11:00 am~10:00 pm   
11:00 am~11:00 pm   
11:00 am~11:00 pm   
12:00 pm~10:00 pm   

Soup Salad (11:00:00-22:00:00)

App From Sushi Bar (11:00:00-22:00:00)

App From Kitchen (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Sushi/Sashimi (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Lunch Roll Combo (11:00:00-15:00:00)

Lunch Bento Box (11:00:00-15:00:00)

Veggie Rolls (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Classic Roll (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Hokkaido Special Roll (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Sushi Sashimi Entrees (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Tempura Dinners Served w. soup, salad and white rice (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Hot Sizzling Dish (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Chefs Special served w. soup, salad and white rice (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Udon Noodles (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Fried Rice (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Side Order (11:00:00-22:00:00)

HIbachi Lunch(K) (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Hibachi Dinner(K) Served w. soup, house salad. hibachi vegetable, fried rice and noodles (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Kids Hibachi (k) (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Dinner Bento Box Served w. soup, salad, spring roll, deep fried dumplings, vegetable tempura and white rice (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Dessert (11:00:00-22:00:00)

Hokkaido Steak House

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